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Concrete Forms - Ez Tilt-Up Forms Overview

Tilt-Up Concrete Forms

Lumber cutting into your profits?  See what your competitors are doing about it.

 Why Choose Ez-Tilt-Up Aluminum Forms?

  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Form panels 50% faster
  • Continual rising lumber costs
  • Forms can be used in infinite weather conditions and temperatures
  • Lasts for hundreds of pours
  • Pours consistently smooth panel edges
  • Multiple panel thickness ability
  • Lightweight and very easy to use

 With the cost of wood on the rise, contractors using Ez-Tilt-Up Forms are actually saving dollars over the long haul increasing profits that much more.  Isn’t it time you joined the growing list of contractors who have made the switch to the Ez-Tilt-Up Form System?

 Remember if you’re not using Ez Tilt-Up Forms, your competitors will be.

“Ez-Tilt-Up Forms increase our quality and reduce our waste.”
Dan Pratt / Vice President
Hughes General Contractors

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Reduce Construction Time:
Due to Ez-Tilt-Ups unique design, panels can be set up in half the time it would take to form them out of wood.  Ridged chamfer bead eliminates ripping and nailing chamfer to the edge form.

 Minimize Waste:
Ez-Tilt-Up eliminates the continual ordering of new lumber, cutting it to size, and sealing it.  It also has a side benefit of eliminating the sugaring you experience with wood.

 Reduced Labor:
A big benefit to Ez-Tilt-Up is that it goes down fast.  You need less bracing because it’s a lot more rigid than wood which enables you to put your braces much further apart.  Ez-Tilt-Up forms hold to a straight line in the infinite weather conditions, hot dry or wet.  You don’t get the warping that you do with lumber.

 Increase Quality:
Because Ez-Tilt-Up is made from high-grade aluminum, you will see a drastic difference in quality.  Ez-Tilt-Up turns out a picture perfect product that is second to none every time.

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"I have over 900 pours on the set and I can see getting well over 2,000 more."
Josh Watterson
Watterson Bros Construction
Eagle Mountain, UT
"This footing system is the absolute best! All of my employees like it. It’s super fast, and super easy. Even our local building inspectors are impressed. The system is easy to learn. Not only will it save me thousands of dollars per year in labor, but I won’t be spending thousands on lumber year after year."
Richard Cyr
Master Craft Concrete
Pagosa Springs, CO
"We're crazy about tracking productivity; Ez-Footings has increased the productivity of our footings by about $6 to $8 per man hour."
Kirby Justesen
Formco Inc
West Jordan, UT
"My Inspections go a lot smoother now because the rebar is lifted up and the forms are a consistent width."
Danny Johnson
Footing Specialists
"Ez-Footings have tripled my production; I’m doing three times the amount I used to do in a day with the same man power. There’s no question in my mind it’s a winner."
Todd Hughes
Hughes General Contractors
North Salt Lake, UT